The InfraBed Mini-Pad is our new 45 cm square crystal Amethyst multi-layered thermal therapy mat/cushion. Your new light weight mini-pad boasts full power, time and temperature control, in a minimum sized package for maximum portability, versatility and usefulness. User feedback has been very positive from both therapists and home users.

Therapist testimony

The InfraBed Mini Pad is really doing good things for me and my clients. The technology works. No, seriously, not since I purchased my first ENAR in 2007 have I come across a more valuable ‘tool’ to use to help myself and my clients with quality of life improvements. It is proving to be all I hoped it would.

The mini pad is versatile. It is light. It is portable.
It allows me to be specific and monitor the results rather than having it as bed, or table size.  I have only had it two weeks but already I am reinventing treatment sessions to include it as a major part of my treatment protocols. My elderly clients are really loving it. Several have indicated the mini pad is something they could manage

Without exception my clients are making observations like
That heat is so comforting. I feel calmer.
My range of movement has increased significantly.
My pain has not been so intense.
I just feel better.

Personal testimony

Personally, I have noticed I am sleeping better and I haven’t slept well for 15 years! I try and sit with it against my lumbar for 10-15 mins a day on the medium range 55-60 degrees. I intend to experiment with the other ranges, but I know my body and I needed a bigger ‘hit’ to get me going.

I am very susceptible to environmental/weather/allergic responses. Just today I had an allergic episode that triggered a migraine. Quite by accident, while waiting until I could take pain meds, I sat for 20 mins while doing bookwork at the computer with the pad on my back at 40 degrees. I noticed that my headache had significantly receded.