InfraBed Multi Layered construction

The InfraBeds amethyst quartz grade A crystals when heated create the far-infrared emission profile.  In order to create the InfraBed signature therapy emission a multilayered construction is used.

InfraBed® Posture-Pillow® ET Multi-Layers explained 1. First layer: High Quality Red Leatherette which is elegant, durable and comfortable. 2. Second layer: High Quality Transparent Vinyl acts as a window to view the crystals. 3. Third layer: High Grade Natural Amethyst Crystal Stones which increase the effectiveness of the Far-InfraRed Energy (FIRE) rays, as well as the Negative Ions, promoting blood circulation, metabolism, and enhancing the immune system. 4. Fourth layer: Bamboo Carbon Fibre Cotton – Super absorbent – Releases FIRE ie Far Infra Red Energy rays – Stores heat energy – Emits concentration of Negative Ions. 5. Fifth layer: Waterproof Fabrics for durability, waterproofing and over-heat prevention. 6. Sixth layer: High Quality Copper for shielding from electromagnetic field (EMF) waves. 7. Seventh layer: High Quality Aluminum Foil to shield electromagnetic (EMF) waves and to transfer the heat of whole mattress uniformly. 8. Eighth layer: Magnetic Wave-Proof High-Quality Silicone Fibre Heating Wire. Very durable and protects against high temperatures as well as damage from folding. 9. Ninth layer: Fabric for Heating wire protection, durability and to prevent overheating. 10. Tenth layer: Yellow Mud Layer, helping generate Far-Infra-Red-Energy (FIRE) rays, shielding the user from electromagnetic field (EMF) waves. 11. Eleventh layer: High Quality Aluminum Foil to shield from electromagnetic (EMF) waves to transfer the heat of whole mattress uniformly, also blocks heat from bottom of the mat. 12. Twelfth layer: Negative Ions non-woven fabric which emits negative ions. 13. Thirteenth layer: Charcoal Fabric for absorption and releasing Far Infra Red Energy (FIRE) and Negative Ions. It also helps to decompose negative odours and deodorises. 14. Fourteenth layer: Compressed Non-woven Bamboo – Carbon Fabric. 15. Fifteenth layer: High Quality Waterproof Cloth for durability, resistance, and overall protection from intrusion and/or water (from underneath).

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Therapist testimony

The InfraBed is really doing good things for me and my clients. The technology works. No, seriously, not since I purchased my first ENAR in 2007 have I come across a more valuable ‘tool’ to use to help myself and my clients with quality of life improvements. It is proving to be all I hoped it would.

The mini pad is versatile. It is light. It is portable.
It allows me to be specific and monitor the results rather than having it as bed, or table size.  I have only had it two weeks but already I am reinventing treatment sessions to include it as a major part of my treatment protocols. My elderly clients are really loving it. Several have indicated the mini pad is something they could manage

Without exception my clients are making observations like
That heat is so comforting. I feel calmer.
My range of movement has increased significantly.
My pain has not been so intense.
I just feel better.