BioBlanket King Single Bed Size 120 x 200

The King Single bed sized Energy reflective BioBlanket is suitable for the largest adult, to ensure full cover over one side of the body, including the whole head if desired. It features double reflective internal layer surfaces (Yin & Yang) that give maximum deflection away of external energies, and maximum reflection back of internal energies emitted by the body to the body. This  subjectively feels like very high protection, plus the bodily energy emissions being reflected back are a form of holistic bio-feedback and create a more balanced energy feeling very quickly.

This Single bed-sized 120cm x 100cm BioBlanket is also separately designed to complement the InfraBed that in turn mirrors exactly the same layers, of protection (including EMF) and reflection, making the two in use together perfectly suited to make up a synergistic cocoon.  As well as the dual reflective layers there is also an additional carbon impregnated Negative Ions layer in both the BioBlankets, and the InfraBeds. This additional layer means in the BioBlanket there are two distinct energy orientation sides, a Yin cooler side, and a Yang warmer side, where the Negative Ions layer is. The side of the multilayered BioBlanket where the logo is stitched into it is the Yang Negative Ions side. The 100% zip-up cotton cover has a clean white sheet on its Yin side, and a quilted design on its Yang side. Subjectively the Yang side feels warmer.

(When installing the BioBlanket inside its Cotton Cover the logo sides are facing away from each other to align the Yin and Yang sides for best use, however whatever configurations of sides and covers are used, the BioBlanket will always give full external deflection/protection and internal reflection/biofeedback)