Sciatica  John’s Case Study  

ENAR Therapy   Sticky Pads& 2 way Leads

John Vaartas has already featured in a ENAR + Infrabed Chair Pod VIMEO testimonial. Following major spinal surgery on his lower back his troubles were only just starting.

See John  speaking about his surgery and InfraBed Chair use

John is a very determined person who commits to walking most days a 5 or 10 klm walk. His back and feet give him lots of trouble but wearing ENAR Sticky adhesive therapy pads as he goes helps a lot. More recently the Lumbar Pain has become more Sciatica and his approach has been to use his pads in close proximity to his Sciatic nerve which he traverses with pads.

Use of Adhesive Pads and 2-way leads (local)

Place one pad on either side of the Point of Pain where inflammation and or sticky points are discernable. This pairing may be further up the spine and/or over the buttock and or hip area. The idea is to traverse locally the sciatic nerve where it is impeded or inflamed or ‘sticky’

Picture here is from John V’s personal report who has had success with local pad use.