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Our policy at Enlightened Therapies is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and super value pricing in high quality, unique electro energetic therapy devices.. We provide a complete support package including world leading training resources, training courses, free ongoing live, phone, and email support.

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and legal importer, ARTG sponsor and distributor of the ENAR® Therapy Devices, and the INFRABED® range of Amethyst Infrared thermal therapy devices, which are made specifically by Enlightened Therapies, since 2000.

The company is owned and run by Paul & Colleen Keetley, and you may speak to them to ensure your complete satisfaction. 1300 305 107

Service Testimonial

“I am delighted to have come across Enlightened Therapies and all their employees, whatever the query – the responses are always swift and dealt with professionally and the staff members are attending to my needs as a Customer in a very kind and polite manner. Special Thanks need to go to Paul who has gone out of his way to negotiate with my Private Health Fund to achieve Part-Funding for my ENAR. I have suffered fluctuating Pain Levels for over 8 years after a severe car accident and tried many, many things and therapies to ease my Chronic Pain in my hands and arms. The financial costs have often outweighed the results until I recently heard about the ENAR which my Health Practitioner has pointed out to me. Now I have help at my fingertips when needed and ongoing Customer Support with the Team of Enlightened Therapies and I find the ENAR very beneficial for my Pain.

With Kindest Regards, A Happy Customer!”

Brigita Ferencak, NSW