For simple problems the ENAR is simple to use, however more difficult problems require a more strategic and lengthy approach.

The ACHE Strategy reveals that different types of pain or disorder may respond better to different treatment approaches. It is useful to try and understand ‘What Type Of ACHE is That?’.

For instance, if you have a recent painful injury or active problem, you may use the ENAR with an acute strategy. Acute treatment strategy means you can use the ENAR device frequently, for shorter periods of 2 to 10 mins, with higher power. If you have a painful chronic condition that has developed slowly over time, then that requires longer length treatments, 5 to 10 mins, spread further apart. Chronic conditions need a gentler approach using lower power.

Almost all conditions are related to other parts and problems within the body and so chronic issues often have inter-related areas that make them more complex to treat. As such, a more general or holistic type treatment may be required, treating General Zones of the body, like the collar zone, or three spinal pathways and six facial points.

Sometimes the overall energy resources of the body may be depleted or unbalanced and not be able to support normal functioning. For example when you feel too fatigued for any sort of effort or recuperation. In these cases the ENAR can be used with an energetic strategy to help boost the overall energetic resources.

The Energy Blanket has become an important support for ENAR therapy in helping the body to restore balance and to normalise energy.