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SCIATICA  Protocols & Case Study

SCIATICA  Protocols & Case Study The sciatic nerve is formed when a collection of spinal nerve fibres from the L4-S3, connect together to form one large nerve about the size of your thumb! This bundled nerve exits the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen, [...]

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John’s Sciatica Case – ENAR, pads, leads, local

Sciatica  John’s Case Study   ENAR Therapy   Sticky Pads& 2 way Leads John Vaartas has already featured in a ENAR + Infrabed Chair Pod VIMEO testimonial. Following major spinal surgery on his lower back his troubles were only just starting. See John  speaking about [...]

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ET Neck Disability Duet = Posture~Pillow + ENAR Therapy System

AMPLIFY YOUR THERAPEUTIC ABILITY with ET NECK DISABILITY DUET InfraBed Posture~Pillow + ENAR + Pads & Leads = Neck Disability Duet FEB Offer, while stocks last: $1400 incl Free Delivery = $ave $170 NB : NDIS Participants, Carers, Providers : Neck Disability Duet may come within your "ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES CATEGORY" funding up to [...]

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InfraBed Posture~Pillow = “Screenagers” Forward Head Posture. Case Study.

InfraBed Posture~Pillow = “Screenagers” Forward Head Posture. POSTURE CORRECTION CASE STUDY 20 Mins Neck Chiro~Curve Self-stretch abd Traction at 60C. InfraBed Posture~Pillow Case Study - Client "C" Client C - Female. 18 years old. Client C - Fit and healthy. A frequent runner [...]

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INFRABED Time + Temp Therapy Settings ACHE Strategy

The ACHE Therapy Strategy and protocols developed by Enlightened Therapies specially for ENAR are reapplied to InfraBed Hyper-Thermal Radiant Therapy: The general rule is "Start Low (temp) and Go Slow (Time). High Temp settings for Short Periods give strong effects like a Sauna. 40 [...]

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Is Low Body Temperature the plague of the 21st Century?

People with low body temperature have a weak reaction to even the most ideal medicines and therapies. Every process that goes on inside our bodies requires energy – specifically, metabolic energy. When the body does not have enough energy to function properly, each component [...]

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Alex says about her Endobelt

“EndoBelt is my number one favourite device for Endo or general pain relief. It works by infusing infrared heat into the tissues, reducing inflammation (thus pain) whilst also relaxing your muscles. I was skeptical at first as I’ve personally tried most things on the [...]

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