WHAT is Disease?

Disease is a condition of dysfunction, when something is unwell, impaired or pathological within the body/mind processes. Disease states are said to be unresolved problem areas within the body/mind’s systems which are not operating as integrated parts within the whole. Theses areas of Asymmetry are places where the body is unable to complete its adaptive cycle, areas where homeostasis is not present.

Healthy = Homeostasis, flow, balance, integration = Wellness

Disease = Asymmetry, blockage, imbalance, disintegration = Pathology

WHERE does Disease come from?

D disposed = Genetic Heritage = Tendencies

I injury = Physical Impacts = Traumas

S stress = Mental – Emotional = Tensions

E environment = Pollution of all sorts = Toxins

A age = Degeneration = Tiredness

S sickness = Viruses Bacteria = Transfer

E energy = Blockage / Depletion = Turn off

WHY does the body NOT heal itself?

Simply speaking, in terms of Holistic or Electro-Energetic Medicine, the body is failing to complete its adaptive cycles, which are the basis for Homeostasis, Health and Healing. The body either fails to Recognise the Problem, fails to Prioritise the Problem, or has insufficient Energy or Resources to fully resolve or heal the Problem.

HOW is the ENAR theoretically able to treat?

ENAR is an Intelligent Interactive Nerve-Energy Rejuvenater. ENAR prompts the body to stimulate Nerve-Energy response and flow and to normalise nerve energy function and adaptivity. ENAR’s interactive prompting is trying to ensure the awareness, create the priority and support the energy needed for the body to operate effectively again at the sites where it was previously dysfunctional.