ENAR®  Therapy Strategy “Effect a change”

Thank you for your interest in using the ENAR as a therapist

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the ENAR is an important leader in this field demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve pain relief goals and rehabilitation very quickly.

The ENAR Therapy System device is an interactive Neuro-Innervation device which enables therapists to work safely, easily and quickly, yet deeply on painful dysfunctional problems of many types. These range from Acute injuries, through Chronic dysfunction, into Holistic and Energetic types of painful disorders.

Therapists who begin using the ENAR are usually surprised by its speed and efficacy. These dramatic and often sustained results are achieved by working in real-time on your patient’s specific problems as they present during your treatment, and effecting changes.  This type of therapeutic intervention is compatible with almost any other type of therapy, however it is recommended that you also try the ENAR as a stand-alone treatment regime to assess its effects. ENAR Therapy is often used as a stand-alone therapeutic modality.

ENAR 3 Pathways – a typical therapist treatment

ENAR Therapist Certificate Training is conducted regularly so that therapists, and at-home users, can utilize their device more fully. These two One Day workshops are enough training to include the ENAR within your therapist or practitioner insurance coverage. (Same category as TENS) If you would like to attend ENAR training or arrange insurance cover please contact us.

“In my 43 years of professional experience, the ENAR Therapy device is the best I have ever used. I have purchased 7 devices myself from ET and they are used daily. My patients and friends are amazed by the results we achieve. Consequently many have bought their own ENARs. The team at ET are friendly, obliging, helpful and efficient. I highly recommend the ENAR to everyone fortunate enough to encounter it.”  Desie Kearsey, Physiotherapist, Inverell Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre.

“I am an experienced Remedial Therapist having been in practice for the past 19 years.For the past 4.5 years I have been using the ENAR device extensively with excellent results. I have been able to obtain much quicker and more effective recovery from injuries, muscle spasms and various painful conditions when I use the ENAR in conjunction with other various massage techniques. The type of conditions which I have found respond very well to ENAR are any soft tissue injuries, such as muscle spasms, tight or painful muscles, calcification in the form of hard knots in muscles, strained muscles and tendons, which are generally inflamed.  Inflammation in soft tissue, neck pain and headaches respond very well to ENAR. As well as soft tissue conditions I have had success treating sinus problems, (blocked or inflamed sinuses), blocked ears. I even treated a young girl with a lazy eye, and the ENAR device was able to strengthen the muscles and improve the focus of her eyes. On a personal level I have treated myself for bladder/prostate, digestive problems, sinus, ear problems, headaches, back, neck pain and frozen shoulder, all with very good results”.  Kind Regards  John Vomiero – Remedial Therapist  Adelaide SA

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“The Infrabed Medium Massage Bed has been has been my best clinic investment so far, especially in terms of keeping my clients warm and comfy in a Melbourne winter.  I leave it on the massage table all year round and adjust the temp as necessary.
I find it has a very positive effect on calming the nervous system and the children I treat with ADHD symptoms love it (so do their parents!). 

I have also been using the ENAR on patients for several years, usually while a client is lying on the InfraBed, and I find the ENAR with pads extremely helpful in bringing about rapid pain relief, especially in osteoarthritis.  Several patients have purchased one of their own after experiencing the benefits for themselves”.   Michelle  –  Acupuncturist VIC