Electro Energetic Therapy

Electro Energetic Therapy (EET) is a broad field of medical therapy that includes areas like Electro Acupuncture Therapy in Eastern Energy Medicine, and the Electro Heart Defibrillator used in Western Emergency Medicine. Essentially all EET technologies seek to ‘reset’ the neuro-energetic flow and fields within the body, its organs and systems. Learn More »

One Theory of Disease

Disease is a condition of dysfunction, when something is unwell, impaired or pathological within the body/mind processes. Disease states are said to be unresolved problem areas within the body/mind’s systems which are not operating as integrated parts within the whole.
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Find & Treat Keypoints

Since our health relies on the natural flow of electricity, energy and information within the body it appears that stress, injury or disease disrupts these flows and creates what we call ‘asymmetries’ or differences. Learn More »

A-C-H-E Treatment Strategy

A acute = recent injuries or dysfunction, that developed suddenly
C chronic = painful persistent problems, evident for 3 plus months
H holistic = difficult complex disorders, involving several areas
E energetic = deeply entrenched dysfunction, with low energy
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