BIOBLANKET ® was developed with double Reflective layers, plus a Negative

Ions layer to help induce the body and mind to rest, recover, rebalance and

re-energise. BioBlanket is the 3rd generation ET Energy BioBlanket and it has

evolved as a multi-layered holistic bio-energetic reflective feedback blanket

with two distinctly different sides = ( Yin + Yang ) and 4 different Purposes

1 to help PROTECT the body by deflecting away external energy influences

2 to help REFLECT Back to the body its own energy output = BioFeedback

3 to help BALANCE the body’s multiple energies by establishing a Cocoon

4 to help RESTORE core body temperature (eg. BioBlanket over InfraBed)

Whether you use BioBlanket by itself, Yin or Yang side, up or down,

BioBlanket gives energy reflection internally and deflection externally.