Physiotherapist Desie Kearsey said… (short interview 2 min here)

“In my fourty-seven years of professional physio experience the ENAR Therapy device is the best device I have ever used. I have purchased 8 devices myself, and we use these daily. My patients and friends and family are amazed by the results we achieve. I highly recommend the ENAR to everyone Desie Kearsay Inverell Physiotherapy, NSW

What is the ENAR and why is it so different??

The ENAR Therapy device is a hand-held, battery operated, therapeutic medical device, for both therapist and personal use. AUST 147761  The ENAR or Electro-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator, delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, interactively therapeutic, computer modulated, electro-energetic stimulation, onto and through the skin. Its innovative ‘reflex bio-feedback’ means ENAR acts interactively, not interruptively, like conventional TENS electro neuro stimulation.

What can the ENAR achieve?

Australian health practitioners and members of the public are using ENAR devices to great effect. They find that the ENAR can have a profound effect on both chronic and acute painful conditions and injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment. The ENAR is also used to locate hidden, referred and primary treatment points or ‘key points’ in ways that might not be evident by other means. Ultimately there are at least two common explanations for the ENAR’s therapeutic effectiveness. The Bio-Chemical explanation suggests the ENAR prompts the release of neuro–peptides, generating a cascade of natural healing hormones. The Bio-Energetic view suggests the ENAR clears and regulates neuro-energy-pathways and so restores the flow of energy and information, and this facilitates both the pain relief and healing.

A Macquarie University randomised control trial using ENAR versus conventional TENS has been conducted in Sydney and this showed ‘dramatic and sustained results’ with chronic pain relief, disability reduction, functional improvements and general health restoration. Professor Rodney Bonello commented on ACA National TV program “We were floored by the results.”  Full research report available here.

How does ENAR work?

The ENAR is used to find and treat ‘asymmetries’. Asymmetries are differences, tell-tale signs of problems that can be detected when brushing the ENAR device on the skin. The ENAR’s ‘primary therapeutic protocol’ involves treating the ‘3 Pathways’ (see treatment demonstration below) that parallel the left and right and para sympathetic nervous systems. This is why, apart from finding and treating key-points for localised problems,  this method also prompts a holistic  health response.


“I have used the ENAR unit clinically for over 5 years. As a physiotherapist I have found it highly useful in the management of chronic pain. I would recommend the ENAR to other medically trained therapists”
Shaheena Khan – Physiotherapist NSW