The Winter 2015 ATMS Journal published a research article by Prof Rod Bonello regarding a Post Market Surveillance Study on the Effects of ENAR Therapy.  See the full article here

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Considering the high levels of effectiveness reported by participants, the low frequency of reported adverse effect, and the minor nature of those effects, the ENAR should be regarded as a safe and effective treatment. The main conditions for which ENAR is used are painful musculoskeletal complaints, although a wide range of other types of problems were reported to have been successfully managed with ENAR.

Most respondents reported that they had decreased their use of medication following ENAR therapy. Further prospective, controlled trials should be conducted to better understand the potential of ENAR as an emerging therapy.

A feature of ENAR is its facility to be self-used; not practitioner dependent. In terms of health care sociology, this is in keeping with attitudes which embrace higher levels of personal control or empowerment over one’s health. This may have contributed to the high level of satisfaction with ENAR.” 

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