The interactive ENAR therapy device has been achieving fast and prolonged results with Chronic Neck Pain and Related Disability at Macquarie University.

ENAR – Pain relief that’s fast and lasts

Tara Stevermuer (MAppStat), Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.


ENAR is found to be a cost-effective, long lasting treatment for chronic neck pain. The pilot study discussed here however is the first Western university randomised control trial of this type of therapy/technology. It does demonstrate the effectiveness of ENAR for both short term and long term pain relief and for functional and general health improvement.’

A Macquarie University Centre For Health & Chiropractic Randomised Control Study On The Use of ENAR extract: ‘ENAR has been successful in…

  • Providing both short and long term reductions in neck pain intensity.
  • Providing short and long term improvement in patient specific function.
  • Causing clinically observable reductions in neck disability.
  • Providing both short and long term improvements in both physical and psychological parameters.