RMIT University Post Market Surveillance Study of  ENAR Therapy Case Results
JEBCAM  Journal Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (ARTICLE)
Postmarket Surveillance Study on Electro-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator Therapy pdf 
481 patient – reported ENAR case files showed significant results using ENAR device therapy for chronic painful problems.  Average (mean) Reduction in Pain of 70%        
Pain before
ENAR Survey Graphs Pain Before

Pain after
ENAR Survey Graphs Pain After
Functional Improvement of 62%
Average treatment duration – 30 mins     
Number of treatments required – varied
How long did these effects last – after your last treatment?
ENAR Survey Graphs Long Last

ENAR Effects – lasted for :  Hours – 10%, Days – 30%, Months – 33%,  Years – 23%
Overall Effectiveness –   Please rate the general overall effectiveness of  ENAR therapy with your primary problem
ENAR Survey Graphs Effectiveness

Medication Reduction? – If taking medication for your problem –
ENAR Survey Graphs Medication

Please rate the ENAR’s effectiveness compared with other types of therapy you have tried.
ENAR Survey Graphs Comparison
Comparison* 92% respondents found ENAR Better by Comparison
*” 92% of repondents rated ENAR as better than other types of therapy they had tried. This represents a surprisingly high level of patient satisfaction.” Prof. Dr. Marc Cohen & Prof. Dr. Rodney Bonello