Children respond well to ENAR Therapy treatments for Pain and may want to apply the ENAR to themselves. Some children really enjoy the ENAR’s tingling sensation, and some do not. They usually have a heightened sensitivity to the signal, so start low, (Like the InfraBed) treat them with care when setting and raising the level of power. NB Very good effects have often been achieved using the minimum power setting i.e. one click of power, (RESET will reduce to 1 click of power).

Begin by working on the symmetrical (opposite) point, at lower level of power (2 minutes). This helps accustom the child and treats the same network of nerves. Then move to the primary Point of Pain, and station the device over the point (2 minutes). You might need to sneak up on the primary area slowly and gently Brush the point of pain or sticky points if using the four vectors or directions and micro-massaging until you have achieved a change. (even small change is sufficient to start) Brush the surrounding areas, finding and treating any sticky key-points as you go. Treat 3 spinal Pathways and 6 facial Points (Our Primary Treatment Protocol) Wrap child in the Energy BioBlanket to help calm them down and support their recovery.