ET holds regular training programs in most cities in Australasia and can provide small group and even one-on-one ENAR Therapist training for you. ET recognises that the outcomes sought from all your training should be competence and confidence in your effectiveness and efficiency. As always Colleen continually receives the highest ratings from course participants ensuring your credibility and capacity as a trained therapist.

ENAR® Training + Support – Physiotherapist Testimonial  “I have used the ENAR unit clinically for over 5 years. As a physiotherapist I have found it highly useful in the management of chronic pain. I would recommend the ENAR to other medically trained therapists. I would highly recommend that anyone purchasing the ENAR unit to attend the ENAR training in order to better understand it’s potential benefits. The staff at Enlightened Therapies are incredibly supportive and informative”  Shaheena Khan – Physiotherapist NSW

Live Training Programs by ET include

ENAR Therapy Basic Certificate Training Program Day –  Day 1

Day 1  To learn the basic theory and approaches to ENAR Personal therapy using the ACHE Therapy Strategy, and how to apply that knowledge in practical treatment protocols at basic and intermediate levels. Suitable for both home users and hands-on therapists.

ENAR Therapist Advanced Certificate Training Day – Day 2

Day 2  To learn and practise the skills necessary to become an ENAR Therapist. This Day  includes therapist strategy, and advanced techniques for treating more complicated conditions, as well as forms and guidance for client management. Participants must have completed Day 1 Basic ENAR Therapy training first.

ENAR Integral Beauty and Cosmetology – Day 3 

Day 3 Holistic Health and Integral Beauty Certificate Training Course to learn more advanced ENAR Therapy Techniques for the face and body and for the whole person.

Enlightened Therapies has pioneered ENAR Therapist and Expert Pro Practitioner Training.  Subsequently ET has developed unique new approaches to ENAR Therapy as well as producing several DVDs and in-depth training resources.

Both the comprehensiveHow To Use Your ENAR’  full colour training manual and the ‘ENAR Therapy Core Techniques’ training Videos / DVD are included with every new ENAR Therapy device. Try our “Getting Started” web page and Videos with links HERE