InfraBed Posture~Pillow = “Screenagers” Forward Head Posture.


20 Mins Neck Chiro~Curve Self-stretch abd Traction at 60C.

InfraBed Posture~Pillow Case Study – Client “C” Client C – Female. 18 years old.
Client C – Fit and healthy. A frequent runner and swimmer. No reported Pain, Disability, Dysfunction or Medications.

BEFORE – Posture Measurement Pic (left)

Forward head posture (FHP) is apparent Head is forward by at least 1″. Height is 64″ Cervical Neck Curve is compressed. Thoracic Upper Back Curve is pronounced.

THERAPY Instructions – 1st treatment

” Please recline into your most natural comfortable position ”
” Allow your Neck to stretch up and over Posture~Pillow curve ”
” Allow your Neck and Back to relax, release and recurve ”
” Please say and stop if any uncomfortable bodily sensations ”

THERAPY Settings – Ist treatment

20 minutes lying on Posture~Pillow on back. 60 C preset infrared temperature is maintained.

RESULTS AFTER – Posture Measurement Pic (right)

Forward head posture (FHP) is no longer apparent Head is more balanced.
Height is now 65″ (increase 1″)
Cervical Neck Curve is no longer compressed.
Thoracic Upper Back Curve is no longer pronounced. Postural improvement and curve correction can be seen.

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