BACK PAIN Testimonial – ‘I feel relaxed and revitalised’ “For the past 35 years I have needed massages, chiropractic, acupuncture or physio sessions. I have severe scoliosis which causes musculoskeletal back pain, headaches and neck tension. I have been using the ENAR Therapy System for the last four months. The pain and discomfort relief has been the best I’ve ever felt. My curiosity sparked when I first watched the videos of ENAR, I could see the real changes in people after using the device. Now I am one of those people. I’m spreading the word to whoever I meet that has any kind of pain. Right now I have pads on my neck because I went to yoga last night for the first time in years. I had pain this morning, used my ENAR today and it has relieved the tension. I feel relaxed and revitalised. Thank you everybody from the ENAR team for my new life. Everyday I have more energy and more power. I feel supported, in control and free from pain”  Tracey Ollett. Coolum QLD

Back Pain RMIT Research

In 2014 RMIT Uni post market surveillance study of ENAR therapy users, 111 of 442 respondents (25.1% of total) cited LOW BACK PAIN as their PRIMARY problem.Pain Before and After 73% of ALL survey respondents had also used ENAR for BACK PAIN problems, the highest common problem of ENAR use application. ALMOST ALL (96%) of the RMIT Uni ENAR survey study respondents, who used ENAR for BACK problems (300+), REPORTED A BENEFIT.

Back Pain Thermals

THERMAL IMAGES Before and After – This patient presented BACK PAIN and left sided posterior chest discomfort. The initial thermal image shows diffuse spine inflammation with discrete focal regions of intense inflammation in the sacrum (bottom arrow), lower thoracic spine and in the musculature medial to the left scapula (top arrow). There is also thermal activity indicating underlying joint dysfunction (second arrow) likely to relate to nerve irritation at the spine. Full spine and paraspinal muscle ENAR treatment for 30 minutes (single session) demonstrated marked reduction in inflammation (hot = red) in all the regions described above, which also reflects an improvement in function associated with nerve irritation reversal

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