Apart from the light pink information pack free DVD, (which includes interviews with the researchers at Macquarie University and explanations about ENAR therapy from both professional and home users,) there is a dark purple training DVD entitled Core Techniques that is supplied with every new ENAR.  Revised and upgraded in Sept 2014 this training includes both personal use and ENAR therapist demonstrations and advice.

The ENAR Core Techniques Training DVD is included when you rent or buy an ENAR device and is put together with the “How to use your ENAR” 46 page colour booklet.

The Core Techniques training DVD includes a simple “Getting Started” section as well as a more in-depth Device Operation  training section.

Most important however are the “Core Treatment Techniques” that you will learn to use to be able to best apply your ENAR, like the Three Pathways and the Collar Zone. (below)

ENAR 3 Pathways – a typical treatment (from the ENAR Core Techniques DVD) from ENAR Therapy on Vimeo.

ENAR Collar Zone treatment (from the ENAR Core Techniques DVD) from ENAR Therapy on Vimeo.

Also every buyer gets a lifetime ENAR support commitment to respond by telephone or email to every ENAR treatment inquiry.

ENAR Owners also receive the companion Training DVD: “ENAR DEVICE OPERATION & CORE TECHNIQUES”  that includes these and other key VIDEOS

  • Fast Start 1-2-3 Instructions LINK
  • ENAR Therapy System Purpose “Effect a Change” LINK
  • How to treat a Point Of Pain LINK
  • How to use Vector Brushing LINK
  • 3 Pathways – Primary Protocol Case Example LINK
  • 3 Pathways + 6 Points Holistic Protocol LINK
  • Working with your children LINK
  • How to treat yourself anywhere LINK
  • Neck Shoulder Collar Zone technique. LINK
  • Three Back Pain Cases LINK
  • How to treat your Abdominal Zone LINK
  • How to use Y-Probe (small). LINK
  • Integral Beauty and Anti-Aging LINK
  • ENAR Through-hair brush LINK
  • ENAR Extension Handle Accessory LINK
  • Osteoarthritis home user technique LINK
  • Use of the BioBlanket Energy Blanket LINK
  • ENAR Operational Settings & Instructions Page LINK
  • ENAR Owners FREE TRAINING HELPLINE 1300 305 107