“EndoBelt is my number one favourite device for Endo or general pain relief.

It works by infusing infrared heat into the tissues, reducing inflammation (thus pain)

whilst also relaxing your muscles. I was skeptical at first as I’ve personally tried

most things on the market and was surprised at how well this worked. The only

‘down’ side was initially it relaxed me so much I got sleepy when using it! Making it

also super helpful when you can’t sleep. Enlightened Therapies manufacture the

InfraBed EndoBelt and offer 100% guarantee. During Endometriosis Awareness

Month they offered a discount code and pay plans to sufferers. PS – I’m not

affiliated with these guys/gals, just sharing my experience, and the love.

Alexandra Middleton – Complimentary Medicine Clinician. Naturopathic

Nutrionist. Women’s Health Researcher, and Endometriosis sufferer.