ENAR Is Interactive

The ENAR device uses an interactive reflex response cycle or ‘Reflex-Biofeedback’ to prompt changes through the skin.

Essentially ENAR is a electrotherapy TENS Category device that works in a real-time ‘dialogue’ to generate changes in neuro response. The ENAR impulse signal is an intense, short, tall, bi-polar wave form that prompts a nerve response. This response in turn feeds back to the site of stimulation causing change in skin impedance. This dynamic cycle of change influences the magnitude of the stimulus and creates change in the wave form.

The rate and amount of change are both measured internally by the ENAR, which has an optional inbuilt ‘Dose’ setting that measures out and shows a useful amount of therapy on any particular point. ENAR  shows you when that minimum effective amount of therapy is done.

This interactive and measurement of change process is quite different to conventional TENS devices that supply impulses designed to interfere, not interact, with the nervous system.

Conventional TENS uses ‘pain-gate’ theory trying to ‘close the gate of nerve transmission’. This accounts for their usual ‘effect only whilst on’ results.

Unconventional ENAR type TENS interactively prompts change in nerve responses. University research studies have often indicated lasting change after ENAR Therapy.

ENAR has University Research Results

The ENAR is a unique, Australian and trademarked product. ENAR has formal University research at Sydney’s Macquarie University that showed with Chronic Neck Pain, Related Disability, Functional Restoration and General Health. ENAR was shown to create significant and sustained results, compared with TENS and a Placebo. Further in-depth analysis of ENAR therapy user and patient experience involving hundreds of case studies has been compiled, peer reviewed and published by RMIT University in Melbourne.

ENAR is Non-Invasive, Non-Blocking, Natural

ENAR is a very different type of  interactive electro therapy modality that is purposed for fast pain relief and to help restore functionality. ENAR is very different from conventional tens type devices. Unlike conventional TENS, the ENAR does not seek to just block pain signals, but interactively prompts normal nerve response. Unlike Acupuncture, ENAR needs no needles, or knowledge of the meridians, because it actually locates and treats your individual, at that moment, ‘key-points’ through the skin. The ENAR built-in electrodes are convex shaped making them the most useful design, and the ENAR device shape overall is small, robust, ergonomic and nifty, with buttons recessed so you will not inadvertently change settings.

WHY ENAR from Enlightened Therapies?

Enlightened Therapies (ET) are world pioneers in ENAR Type research, training and product development. ET manufactures authentic ENAR technology products and develops and delivers the latest approaches in our training.  Training is available in small groups or even one-on-one. ET’s 2 year plus Warranty and Ongoing Free Service and Support are exceptional, and loan devices are supplied during repair.


  • D I Y — You DIY, treat anywhere, anytime, easily
  • NATURALLY — Low-risk, natural, non-invasive, non-drug
  • EFFECTIVELY — Average %70 Pain Reduction Results
  • QUALITY — ENAR Record of Superior Build Quality (18 years)
  • RELIABILITY — 18 years Proven History, Rugged and Reliable
  • VERSATILITY — You treat many types of Painful Problems
  • ERGONOMY — Small, Strong, Nifty, User-friendly Design
  • CREDIBILITY —Macquarie Uni + RMIT Uni Research Results
  • COMPETENCY — ENAR Free Training, Resources, and Support
  • ECONOMICALLY — Years of Continuous Self Therapy is Yours
  • POPULARITY —  Over eight thousand very satisfied users in Australia
  • COMPANY — ET are wholly Australian Owned and Run
  • POLICY — ET Ensures Your Complete ENAR Satisfaction
  • WARRANTY — ET full 2 years, (then discount repair/replace)
  • AUSSIE — ENAR is Australian, and ET Trademarked Brand