Project Description

“I’m a Clearance Diver in the Royal Australian Navy. On Feb11th 2009, while diving on Sydney Harbour I was attacked by a shark and subsequently lost my right leg and hand. The initial loss of these limbs was painful to deal with, mentally and physically, but to add to the torment I had to deal with the pain of rehab, and the ongoing frustrations of phantom limb pains.
The ENAR treatment was surprisingly non invasive, and very quickly fast made a difference to my pain. I used the ENAR for 2 weeks straight every morning and every night and noticed a marked improvement in pain whilst walking with my prosthetic leg. Paul and Colleen at Enlightened Therapies introduced me to the self-adhesive electrode pads. The pads allowed me to treat any part of my body at any time. Putting the pads on when I go to bed actually minimises the phantom pains and this has allowed me to come off my medication earlier than the doctors thought neccesary.
My girlfriend even treated a sprained ankle with the ENAR and now insists we take the ENAR with us whenever we go away. I still use my ENAR a lot as I constantly put my body through the wringer. I’m now back at work with the Navy. I have very minimal pain, and can walk now with only the slightest of limps.”

Paul deGelder