To rent an ENAR for $7 a day

$200 per month rental plan, is $7 a day, NB minimum 2 months rental period = $400. Then continue renting at $200 per month and/or return at any time thereafter. Rent New ENAR at $200 per month ongoing.

Please Note: If you rent for just 5 months at $200 per month the ENAR is yours! (total paid $1000 – Save)

That’s right, now if you rent your new ENAR for 5 months total and paid $1,000 you will have bought your new rental ENAR device outright. Pay $1000. ie $400 first two months (non-refundable) (+$20 freight) + 3 more months rental after that, $1000 in total, within the following 90 days, and your ENAR becomes yours. (Australia).

Every New ENAR Therapy Device includes

Live Training Options

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