ENAR® for Personal Use

Thank you for your interest in the ENAR as a personal therapy device.

Many thousands of people use the ENAR as their personal therapy device treating a very wide variety of painful and difficult problems. In 2014 a RMIT University research study of 481 case studies was published in the medical research journal JEBCAM. All of these ENAR patient cases are self reported, and many are by ENAR personal home users.

To ensure that you will get the most from your ENAR there is a comprehensive support package of training resources,  a free life-time help-line 1300 305 107, as well as a extended replacement warranty and full in-person service commitment.

One word of reservation however should be sounded, the ENAR is suitable for both therapist and personal home use however the trained ENAR Therapist may well be able to utilise the ENAR’s potential better than the untrained home user.  The ENAR therapist’s training ensures that they can work on more difficult and complex disorders. Often Therapist patients will support their clinic visits with an ENAR for use at home.

ENAT Therapy as a strategy and in application is easy to use as 1-2-3

ENAR Therapy Acute Strategy Fast Start 123 from ENAR Therapy on Vimeo.

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