Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

GOV'T Funds for Endometriosis Support. $58 million will be spent on establishing specialist endometriosis and pelvic pain clinics in every Australian state and territory. The Morrison government has announced Federal Budget would support the one in nine Australian women and girls who have been [...]

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3 Ways to SLEEP Better

ET's 3 work like ABC:  and all 3 help you to GET A GOOD SLEEP INFRABED radiant thermal, BIOBLANKET energy reflection, and/or ENARinteractive neuro-stim, can prompt your natural systems on, to help your whole body reset, rehab and help you get good SLEEP. "Natural [...]

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ENAR with InfraBed ~ Synergy Therapy ~ mum’s story

Kay Burman - ENAR Therapist "My 86 yr old mum had the worst year last year with moving & selling house, hospital visits including surgery, a divorce and then a horrible fall getting out of a 4WD, hitting her head on the road. The [...]

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SENIORS SURVEY = 68% Low Body Temperature – 40% Often

Late in 2017 we commissioned an anonymous study of Seniors experience of LBT or Low Body Temperature. Our responses split about 60% female and 40% Male. Turns out a majority of those 60 to 90 year old Australians DO experience Low Body Temperature, - But - [...]

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InfraBed & BioBlanket Bundle Offer

InfraBed and BioBlanket together generate a multiplying effect. They are truly synergetic because they raise the sources of radiant energy and warmth from 2 to four. Radiation, Conduction plus Reflection and Convection, when you add your BioBlanket over the top of your InfraBed. Our [...]

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