About Infrabed

InfraBed®  far-infrared therapy

InfraBed® Thermal Therapy is available in a range of quality devices featuring Amethyst crystals that are heated to produce far-infrared therapeutic emissions. These InfraBed products are created for particular applications using the ACHE InfraBed Strategy for Time and Temp settings that are controlled by the user. Useful for holistic health care practitioners, rehabilitation therapists and personal users.

InfraBed® for Personal Use

InfraBeds are low risk therapy devices with low EMF, for helping treat a very wide variety of general, painful and difficult problems. Medical approval is suggested wherever a diagnosed medical condition exists.  At all times we recommend “Start Low (TEMP) and Go Slow (TIME)” Also be aware extended InfraBed use can reduce body hydration, even without you noticing. So “Drink Water : Before & After” and this will also assist with and promote detoxification.

Is InfraBed Therapy Safe?

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the InfraBed range of amethyst far-infrared thermal therapy devices is a leader in this field demonstrating an unusual ability to help achieve pain relief and rehabilitation goals quickly. Global research of far-infrared therapy confirms the safety when used appropriately. NB – Hyper-Thermal therapy should be pre-approved by your medical practitioner for any diagnosed medical problem.


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